Wood Restoration

Wood restoration can revitalize your weathered deck or fence, stripping away years of dirt and stains to leave the wood looking new and fresh. Tommy’s Pressure Washing supplies a residential wood restoration service for all individuals living all over the Tri-state area.

Great Things about Residential Wood Restoration

Power washing is an effective method of restoring wood fences and decks for their original state. A delicate jet of water which closely strips away mold, mildew, and dirt, leaving wood surfaces appearing as good as new.
Whether you want to liven up your home to boost your chances of making a quick purchase, or you merely want your backyard for a more attractive place to hold outside, Tommy’s Pressure Washing might provide help. Our timber recovery service can create an enormous difference in the way your back yard looks. This speedy and easy procedure can transform your yard to somewhere you feel proud to entertain your friends.

When you decide to employ somebody to displace your wooden fences or decking, make sure you go for a trusted company like Tommy’s Pressure Washing. Some businesses utilize high-pressure jets that could damage wooden structures. We make use of a delicate wash procedure that uses a low-pressure, high-volume waterjet to strip dirt away and lichen.

When you work with Tommys Pressure WashingMachine, you will delight in the very best in customer service. When you touch base, we immediately organize an estimate and allow you to know how much you really will probably pay in just fourteen days.

As soon as you’ve got your estimate, it is the right time to program your home improvement restoration services. Pick the date which is appropriate for you. It doesn’t matter if you won’t be dwelling; our team can restore your exterior wood constructions and also leave a hanger on the doorway to let you realize what we do. You ought to be able to see the big difference for yourself at the improved look of your pipes and pipes.

Our technicians pay careful attention to detail. We simply take care to move plants, plants, and other items to protect them from the cleanup procedure. We’ll then wash your wood as thoroughly as possible to give it a new lease of life.